Pune District Football Association | The governing body of football in Pune

About PDFA

Pune is one of fastest growing metropolitan city in India. It has an historic background in all fields’ right from Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj to S.L Kirloskar. The city is booming in various fields like:

1. Education

2. Small Scale Industries

3. Mall and Multiplexes

4. Software

5. Hospitals

And last but not the least sports out which football is very much popular game in the city.

The Poona District Football Association came into inception from the year 1972 with motive of promoting, developing and popularizing the game of football at grass root level.

It was heard that football lovers like Robert Gabriell, Benjamin Fernandes and many more contribute in running the association for years in the Poona region and this continued till we formally launched to form the Poona District Football Association in the most concrete manner from the year 2006.

At present there are 4 divisions under the PDFA with the total of about more than 100 teams registered with us.

Super Division – 16.

First Division – 19

Second Division – 23 and

Third division – 40

*may vary as per conditions.

We have you set of qualified referees who are regularly trained under the guidance of Western India Football Association and All India Football Federation.

For the first time in the history of PDFA, the association has trained the Ex footballers and inducted them in the panel of Match Commissioner.

Different types of committees are formed in the greater participation of the registered members in the association.

Various age group selection and coaching camps are held for the players to enhance their talent and grow.

Pune Football Club which is a registered club under the PDFA plays in the top tier of the Indian League that is ONGC I League.

Our Mission

To promote and develop the game of football from the grass root level to the highest level. To also improve the quality of pitches and to assist own ground.

Our Vision

To produce footballers of International standards and admin the association in a very professional manner.

About PDFA

 Pune District Football Association (PDFA) is the governing body of football in Pune District. The association has close to 100 clubs playing in 4 mens divisions

  • Super Division - 18 teams
  • First Division - 21 teams
  • Second Division - 32 teams
  • Third Division - 48 teams

PDFA also has a vibrant womens league and is focussed on youth leagues to nurture young talent and create the stars of tomorrow.

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